Faculty & Staff

It is the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Rob Costante
Lisa Madgar Assistant Principal lmadgar@stursula.org


Katie Barry Pre-K Assistant kbarry@stursula.org
Susan Beltran 5th Grade Teacher sbeltran@stursula.org
Kathy Bivons Middle School kbivons@stursula.org
Kelly Bollinger Pre-K Teacher kbollinger@stursula.org
Heather Broccolina Kindergarten Assistant hbroccolina@stursula.org
Emily Brylske  Physical Education Teacher  egartrell@stursula.org
Jennifer Callinan
Kindergarten Teacher jcallinan@stursula.org
Lorena Clary Middle School lclary@stursula.org
Michaela Commodari 5th Grade Teacher mcommodari@stursula.org
Nancy Culotta 3rd Grade Teacher nculotta@stursula.org
Mary Cutter 4th Grade Teacher mcutter@stursula.org
Heather Davis St. Julie Reading hdavis@stursula.org
Bridget Foley Middle School bfoley@stursula.org
Andy GaylorMiddle School agaylor@stursula.org
Lisa Hart-Winner1st Grade Teacherlhart-winner@stursula.org
Natalie HaxSt. Julie Mathnhax@stursula.org
Maria Hernandez Middle School  mhernandez@stursula.org
Sally Jennings Music Teacher sjennings@stursula.org
Meghin Kendzierski 3rd Grade Teacher mkendzierski@stursula.org
Rose Lange Kindergarten Assistant rlange@stursula.org
Patty Lyons Middle School plyons@stursula.org
Sarah Marinaro Middle School smarinaro@stursula.org
Giselda Mattucci 1st Grade Assistant gmattucci@stursula.org
Laura McNeive 3rd Grade Teacher lmcneive@stursula.org
Marcy Moller 5th Grade Teacher mmoller@stursula.org
Annette Moore 4th Grade Teacher amoore@stursula.org
Michael Morgan Music Teacher mmorgan@stursula.org
Patricia Novak 1st Grade Teacher pnovak@stursula.org
Mary Jeanne Nusca Instructional Assistant mnusca@stursula.org
Emily Prematta Middle School  eprematta@stursula.org
Hannah Rocco 2nd Grade Teacher hrocco@stursula.org
Jen Rush Middle School jrush@stursula.org
Katie Rutledge Kindergarten Teacher krutledge@stursula.org
Nancy Shivery 2nd Grade Teacher nshivery@stursula.org
Shani Silvis Art Teacher ssilvis@stursula.org
Carla Swauger Middle School cswauger@stursula.org
Samantha Trigger Kindergarten Teacher strigger@stursula.org
Lyndsey VanDevander Pre-K Teacher lvandevander@stursula.org
Anne-Marie Vitti Middle School avitti@stursula.org
Terry Wagner Pre-K Assistant twagner@stursula.org
Jennifer Weglein Band Teacher jweglein@stursula.org
Helen White Middle School hwhite@stursula.org
Brenda Wunder 4th Grade Teacher bwunder@stursula.org
Julia Zimmerman Technology Integration jzimmerman@stursula.org

Support Staff

Christine Bauer School Nursehealth@stursula.org
Willie Bell Maintenance/Custodial
Lauren Calva Advancement Directorlcalva@stursula.org
Laurie Currens Administrative Assistantlcurrens@stursula.org
Melanie Freeman Finance Directormfreeman@stursula.org
Jay Heath Facilities Managermaintenance@stursula.org
Dorothea McCallMaintenance/Custodial/Crossing Guarddmccall@stursula.org
Sean McCall

Sadie Northey Tuition Officersnorthey@stursula.org
Hope Slezak Guidance Counselorhslezak@stursula.org
Niki Thoericht Extended Day Directornthoericht@stursula.org
Susan WilliamsAdministrative Assistantswilliams@stursula.org