Faculty & Staff

It is the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Leslie JonesPrincipal [email protected]
Sarah MarinaroAssistant Principal [email protected]


Emily Albright Middle School [email protected]
Selina Anosike Middle School [email protected]
Lynn Antenucci Pre-K Teacher [email protected]
Kelly Bollinger Pre-K Teacher [email protected]
Heather Broccolina Kindergarten Assistant [email protected]
Jennifer Callinan
Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Lorena Clary Middle School [email protected]
Kimberly Comes Resource Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Michaela Caldwell 5th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Alyssa Cook 4th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Bonnie Cooper Pre-K Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Janine Coutts Middle School [email protected]
Nancy Culotta 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Alvin Dela Cruz Middle School [email protected]
Mary Kate Fasy 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Bridget Foley Middle School [email protected]
Amie Forish 1st Grade Teacher [email protected]
Maria Bernadeth Gabot3rd Grade Teacher[email protected]
Kylie GallagherPhysical Education Teacher[email protected]
Adrienne Geffen4th Grade Teacher[email protected]
Lisa Hart-Winner1st Grade Teacher[email protected]
MaryAnn Hines1st Grade Teacher[email protected]
Kristen HoytMiddle School[email protected]
Rose Lange Kindergarten Assistant [email protected]
Patty Lyons Middle School [email protected]
Giselda Mattucci 1st Grade Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Dorothea McCall Pre-K Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Laura McNeive 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Ever Moreno Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Michael Morgan Music Teacher [email protected]
Anne Moulton Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Mary Ann Nietubicz 5th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Emily Prematta Middle School  [email protected]
Yomaira Pujols Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Kimberly Reynolds Learning Services Coordinator [email protected]
Jennifer Rush Middle School [email protected]
Nancy Shivery 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Shani Silvis Art Teacher [email protected]
Carla Swauger 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Anne-Marie Vitti Middle School [email protected]
Caroline Wanat 4th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Jennifer Weglein Band Teacher [email protected]
Casie Wolf Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Julia Zimmerman Technology Integration [email protected]

Support Staff

Christine Bauer School Nurse[email protected]
Willie Bell Maintenance/Custodial[email protected]
Lauren Calva Advancement Director[email protected]
Laurie Currens Administrative Assistant[email protected]
Danielle Collison Guidance Counselor[email protected]
Joan Francis Tuition Officer[email protected]
Melanie Freeman Finance Director[email protected]
Jay Heath Facilities Manager[email protected]
Sean McCall
[email protected]
Niki Thoericht Extended Day Director[email protected]
Susan WilliamsAdministrative Assistant[email protected]