Tuition Rates

By choosing a Catholic school, a family is choosing to invest in a child's future. A future of college and career success, but more importantly the daily reminder to strive towards eternal reward in heaven. A Catholic school education is a financial investment, and our graduates and their families would attest that it is well worth it!

The tuition breakdown is found below followed by more information on how our school works to make Catholic education affordable and accessible for all families who seek it.

2021-2022 Tuition RatesNon-Parishioner RateParishioner Rate
Child #1$7,100$5,800
Child #2$6,625$4,140
Child #3$6,625$2,970
Child #4$6,625$2,520
Each Additional Child$6,625$1,950

NOTE: The only option available for Pre-K is a full, five-day program.

To qualify for the Parishioner Tuition Rates:

To qualify for the parishioner rates indicated above, families must be registered parishioners at St. Ursula Church who contribute meaningfully to the life of the parish. Those who are registered at a Catholic parish without a school are also eligible for in-parish rates. The Parish Office will be contacted to verify your status. Please do not send contribution statements to the school office.

Registration Fee (per family): $55.00 PAYABLE AT REGISTRATION. This fee is non-refundable and non-applicable.

AFTER ACCEPTANCE, NEW FAMILIES TO THE SCHOOL ARE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT A NON-REFUNDABLE 10% TUITION DEPOSIT FOR THE 2021 – 2022 SCHOOL YEAR WITHIN 14 DAYS OF REGISTRATION. This payment will be applied to the first month’s tuition payment. Tuition payments are collected from June through March.


FACTS is the tuition management and grant and aid platform used by the schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. All families are asked to create an account with FACTS to manage their tuition payments. The grant and aid application is housed on the same platform for every school, parish, and the Archdiocese of Baltimore assistance. Therefore, a family need apply only once for possible support from these various sources. In FACTS, families have the option to choose how they would like to pay tuition, a one-time payment or over 10-months. 

Instructional Fee

Due to COVID-19, the School Board has chosen to reduce the fees by half for the 2020-21 school year: $112 for grades PreK-K and $150 for grades 1-8.

Instructional Fees 2020-2021Grades 1-8Pre-K4 & Kindergarten
Book Rental/Purchase$150.00$115.00
Archdiocesan Fee$100.00$80.00
Classroom Supplies*$65.00$65.00
Technology Fee$50.00$30.00
Less Maryland Textbook Loan Program Reduction–$65.00–$65.00
Amount Due (per child)$300.00$225.00
Less the reduced fee due to COVID-19–$150.00–$150.00
TOTAL DUE$150$112

*Includes agenda books, notebooks, classroom paper and various classroom supplies.

Instructional Fee Form

Download the Instructional Fee Form (2020-2021) 

This fee will be paid via FACTS in Incidental Billing.

Tuition Refund Policy

All tuition refunds are contingent upon the school receiving written notice prior to the student's actual departure date and the refund amount will be determined based on the actual departure date. The school reserves the right to withhold all student records (with the exception of Health Records) until accounts have been paid in full. Since individual student accounts are invoiced on a family basis, these policies will affect each child in the family (If an out-going student leaves a balance due, the younger siblings will not be admitted to school until the outgoing student's balance is paid in full.) No enrollment will be permitted in any other Archdiocesan school while there are tuition and/or fees outstanding.

Families withdrawing before the end of the school year will be refunded a prorated amount of 10% for each month in which tuition is due (June-March).  If a student should leave the school for any reason during the school year, the school will refund tuition based upon the following schedule:

Withdrawal Date BeforePercent Owed to SchoolPercent Refunded
After 3/1100%0%