Grandparents Day

Dear Parents,

St. Ursula School will celebrate Grandparents’ Day on Tuesday, November 21, 2023. Grandparents, or a special person in your child’s life, are invited to spend some time with the children in their class. Due to our large enrollment and space limitations, we will be unable to invite them to stay for the day. The schedule for classroom visitations is as follows:

Parking is always limited so carpooling is suggested. Visitors may park on the back half of St. John’s lot, our school lot, or the St. Ursula Church lot. We will provide shuttle bus service from the St. Ursula Church lot. In addition, there is no parking on the school playground lot until after 8:15 a.m.

Our visitors should enter the side door on our playground parking lot (where there are no steps) to check in at the reception table. All visitors must have their driver’s license scanned upon entrance to the building. If your license has been previously scanned, you may pre-register using this link: Grandparents who have not visited the school are encouraged to stop in before Grandparents Day and have their ID scanned or to receive your badge to expedite the check-in process the day of.  

After check-in, visitors will walk to the lunchroom to start their time with us. Light refreshments will be available in the lunchroom throughout the morning. There will be many helpful guides to direct you, both to the lunchroom and the classroom locations.

We would like you to be aware that visits to most of our classrooms require walking up many steps. There is no elevator available. Due to the popularity of this day, please be aware that the classrooms will be crowded, and there will be limited seating.

This is an important day for the children, and one they look forward to every year. Please let us know if someone will be joining them, by returning the bottom portion of this paper.


Leslie Jones