Pre-HSPT for 7th Grade

Dear Parents, 

St. Ursula School will be administering the pre-High School Placement Test on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, to our 7th grade students.  The test administration will be occurring on this day at all Archdiocesan elementary schools. The Pre-HSPT mirrors the High School Placement Test, so it will serve as one means of preparation for the HSPT which will be administered to 8th grade students in December 2021. The results of this testing will be sent home with the final progress report.
There is no cost to our families for taking the Pre-HSPT, as St. Ursula School will pay for testing materials and administration.  All 7th graders will take the Pre-HSPT, regardless of your child’s plans for high school.  Our school will use Pre-HSPT results to conduct a review of our students' strengths and areas for growth, providing us with additional information to use in support of our students as they prepare for their 8th grade year, as well as for the HSPT.
 Below are outlined some reminders that we hope will be helpful as we plan for that day.  
  1. In-person learners should report to school at their scheduled arrival time and proceed to their homerooms.  
  2. Remote learners should report between 8:00-8:15 a.m to the St. Ursula School lunchroom. These students are to enter by the doorway located on the northern end of the building. This entranceway faces Harford Road and is positioned near the corner of Manns Avenue. For your reference, there will be a sign posted outside of this entrance to direct you.  The Daily Wellness Check Survey will be sent to remote learners on that day and should be completed before the student comes to school.
  3. Students should bring an adequate supply of sharpened #2 pencils.  
  4. If your student has current documentation on file recommending accommodations for standardized testing such as extended time or small group setting, these accommodations will be available to the student for pre-HSPT testing.  Please contact me if you have questions about testing accommodations.
  5. Upon the conclusion of the testing,  In-person students will have lunch and then continue with their regular class schedule until dismissal.  
  6. Remote learners will be dismissed from the front office, located on Manns Avenue, at approximately noon. They will also continue with their afternoon schedules as soon as they are able.
Please contact me at or by calling 410-665-3533 if you have questions or concerns. Thank you. 

Lisa Madgar 
Assistant Principal